About Zero Strategy Games

We are an indie tabletop game company located in Central Pennsylvania. Our main goal is to create fun and exciting gaming experiences for people to connect with each other. We have two main product lines: board games and tabletop RPGs.

Board Games

Our board games strive to be a fun, memorable experience for all players. Starting with our debut game, Shuffle Dungeons, it becomes obvious we don't take ourselves too seriously. Games are meant to be fun, and we believe all of our board games are just that.

Tabletop RPGs

We love creating interactive stories and building worlds for players to explore. We work with established indie authors to create D&D modules based on their book series. It is a great opportunity for long-time fans of these book series to play in their favorite worlds, as well as introduce fans of TTRPGs to LitRPGs!

  • Kyle Talbert

    Game Designer

  • Luke Schwanger

    Game Designer

  • Jeremy Stark

    Operations Manager