Battle Mage Farmer: Tales of the Ecclesia

Summoned by an Ecclesia Priestess, you must root out the necromantic threat plaguing the quaint village of Fairford. Play as members of the Ecclesia (and some hired hands) to find the cultists hiding in the village and wipe out the undead roaming the countryside.

Tales of the Ecclesia is a 5e compatible adventure set in the world of "Battle Mage Farmer" by Seth Ring.

  • Pre-Made Characters

    This module has five pre-made characters so you and your friends can jump straight into the world of Battle Mage Farmer!

  • Doom Points

    The module introduces a new Doom Point subsystem. Player choices will directly impact the world and influence the ever-nearing apocalypse.

  • Mana Feats

    Mana resides in everything, and characters can harness mana to power their own abilities. This module introduces a brand-new list of feats characters can perform using the mana around them.

About the Books

Mixing slice-of-life with epic fantasy action, mystery, magic, cultivation, and a broken game system that seems determined to make everything as hard as possible for the already overpowered protagonist, this LitRPG/GameLit series by Seth Ring is perfect for readers who enjoy exploring rich worlds and complex characters.

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