Shuffle Dungeons

Dropped into a mysterious dungeon, you must use the items at your disposal to escape. Players work together to find loot, power up their heroes, and build a path to slay the Dungeon Boss!

Shuffle Dungeons is a co-operative dungeon crawler for 1-4 players. Players build the dungeon as they explore, and you never know what might be waiting around the corner. Monsters, traps, and loot are waiting for a hero brave enough to face the unknown.

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Co-Op Dungeon Crawling

Players work together to acquire loot and kill monsters! Select from one of eight different heroes and bravely enter the depths of the dungeon.

Ever-changing Dungeon

The Dungeon is constantly being built and changed. Use your equipment abilities and spells to alter the Dungeon to your benefit. No two dungeons will be the same!

Every Card is a Choice

Each card is double sided, either a room for the dungeon or a powerful item to make your hero stronger. Each card is a careful choice between building a path to the boss, or powering yourself up!